Daily care

Safeguarding your timepiece

Store your watch in a dry environment, free from any moisture. Protect it from dust and shocks, and do not wear it while engaging in extreme athletic endeavors. Although it is resistant, it remains a valuable item.

Your watch is not fond of electromagnetic waves. Airport security machines, computers, and even call phones can be sources of interference that damage the movement’s proper operation. Precautions need to be respected


Consulting a professional

Preferably, your watch needs servicing every five years. As a high-precision instrument and to maintain its exceptional qualities over the long term, your watch requires full servicing by a HESJY-authorized professional.
We recommend checking the waterproof seals every two years for dust accumulation or any signs of retained moisture.

With or without battery

Quartz or mechanical

With quartz movements, the average battery life is between two to three years. Please replace the battery as soon as it shows signs of being low. Never leave a used battery in the watch, as it can leak harmful liquids into the movement.

To keep your manual watch in perfect working condition, remember to wind it daily in order to work the gears, especially if you go without wearing it for a long period. This inhibits oils from drying out and causing harmful grinding that can greatly affect the mechanism’s precision.
It is important to have your watch serviced every five years by a HESJY-authorized watch dealer.


Water resistance

Your watch is 3ATM water resistant, which provides protection against accidental contact with water such as splash, rain and housework. It is not protected when swimming, diving, showering or in steam baths. Protect it against vast temperature differences, such as in saunas.

In the event of accidental immersion, dry your watch off immediately using a soft cloth. If it has been immersed in salt or chlorinated water, first gently wipe it down with fresh water before drying it with a soft cloth.

The leather bracelet

Personal care

Keep your bracelet away from any contact with water— it can split and dry out the leather and alter its color. Do not put perfume on your wrist nor on your watch— fragrances can damage and stain the leather. The ultimate personal touch you can give is simply cleaning it with a soft cloth.