The crown

Manual winding and setting the time

The crown found on the back of your watch has two positions.
Position 1: Neutral Position 2: Setting the time

To set the time, press the crown towards the exterior and into Position 2 using the tool provided.
Turn the crown to the correct time and move it back to its initial position (Position 1) against the casing.
Your watch is now running on time and its water resistance is assured.

The LTM1000 movement has a 40-hour power reserve.
To wind your watch completely, leave the crown in its neutral position (Position 1) and turn it six to seven times.
We recommend winding your watch regularly, ideally once a day.


Changing your bracelet yourself

You can easily change your watch’s bracelet yourself using the tool provided.
To do this, remove your watch from your wrist and place it on a flat, soft surface. Next, bring the clip on the back of the bracelet toward the inside. Perform the same movement with both the long and short straps of your bracelet. To attach the new bracelet, repeat these instructions.

If you have any problems, a HESJY-authorized watch dealer is the best choice for optimal replacement of your bracelet.