Akin to intimacy

With elle-one, Hesjy contributes to contemporaneous influence and extols the intrinsic value of its watch. Precision manufacturing, technological innovation, sophisticated design, high-quality materials, longevity and accessibility have been concentrated into one single timepiece—the perfect, subtle companion for any watch connoisseur.


Total transparency

HESJY certifies that the diamonds we set comply with the Kimberley Process.  Uniting administrations, civil societies, and industries, this process ensures “that diamond purchases are not financing violence by rebel movements and their allies seeking to undermine legitimate governments.”

We have also chosen a bracelet manufacture who respects endangered species by adhering strictly to the provisions in the CITES treaty and by following the REACH regulation. 

The manufacture

Swiss luxury watchmaking

Located in Fleurier, Switzerland, LTM SA carefully nurtures the high standards required to create prestigious watch movements. Currently partnering with more than twenty Swiss brands, LTM SA combines priceless human skills and expertise with the latest precision tools used in the sector.

The universe

Timeless impression

Everything is movement. Everything is time. In this infinitely small yet infinitely grand universe, HESJY has chosen Orion as their symbol — one of the most beautiful shapes in the sky and visible throughout the world. To some, it’s a celestial hourglass counting the sands of time.

The baguette mechanical movement found in elle-one perfectly illustrates this blend as a result of creative congruence and technical performance.

elle-one and her creator

Inspiration into action

Joël Laffly skillfully guided elle-one through the twists and turns of his instincts to create the unique cases holding our exceptional movements manufactured in Fleurier, Switzerland.

Drawing from his background in design and architecture, he deliberately disengaged himself from current trends and let his inventiveness flow freely, all while searching for the on-target essence of this project through shape, function and sensation.